Work is Not A Place. It’s A Thing You Do!!!

Elpis, unlike many major Indian IT businesses, is not in IT services. Our philosophy is not to provide contract employees to other companies, but to build products that help boost Top and Bottom lines of our customers.

Employees have always been our greatest asset and our ultimate differentiator. Our employees enjoy the excitement and pride of creating products that they can actually see working in the market place. They interact directly with end-customers globally, greatly enhancing their softskills and ability to work with global teams. As we unleash individual and collective talents within our winning culture, employees feel empowered to contribute their best. Honestly, our employees are some of our best products!

Elpis uses Microsoft MVC framework to provide technology solutions to its customers. We use cutting edge technologies like C#, C++, Entity Framework, Restful API, WebAPI, Angular/Angular JS, MS SQL, Microsoft Azure and AWS. We provide both hosted services as well as managed services to our clients in the US of A.

Being a startup, we take pride in already having many customers that use of our products and services. We have plans to spread all over the United States in the coming years. We invite dreamers to join our young teams to drive business and personal growth.

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